Abdi Ali

LeaseQuery, LLC
Accounting Manager
(800) 880-7270

Abdi Ali is a Technical Accounting Manager at LeaseQuery. Prior to joining LeaseQuery, he began his career as an audit intern at Grant Thornton LLP and soon after joined full time as an audit associate. While at Grant Thornton, he assisted in the audits of various privately-held entities. Ali also has experience as a Corporate Accountant from positions he held after his time at Grant Thornton. Abdi earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting followed by a master’s degree in Professional Accountancy from Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business.

About Us:

LeaseQuery helps more than 10,000 accountants and other finance professionals eliminate lease accounting errors through its CPA-approved lease accounting software. It is the first lease accounting software built by accountants for accountants. By providing specialized consulting services in addition to its software solution, LeaseQuery facilitates compliance with the most comprehensive regulatory reform in 40 years for companies across all sectors. For more information about LeaseQuery, visit